The Orpheus Salient

Orpheus Salient

Capital: Hethgard

The Orpheus Salient was once the most secure of the three battlefronts of the Achilus Crusade.

Crusade forces encountered many worlds that either remained loyal to the Imperium during the Age of Shadow, and swiftly brought others into compliance with the Imperial Creed. In the last few years of the Crusade, the Orpheus Salient was deemed all but pacified by the Warmaster.

Everything changed with the coming of the Tyranid Hive Fleet. Numerous worlds were overrun, and General Curas and his personal command, Battlegroup Argo, was inexorably crushed by the advancing swarm. As Imperial losses reeled from their losses, worlds rose up in revolt against their Imperial masters.

Significant Planets on the Salient:

Orpheus Oaths

The Orpheus Salient

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