Character Creation Walk through

Character Creation Cheat sheet
Beyond the sheet of paper, all you will need is the Deathwatch book and a character sheet. Rites of Battle rules are underlined. These are optional rules you can use if you wish, but shouldn’t suffer greatly if you do not. Unless otherwise stated, all page numbers are from the core rulebook. Creating your own chapter is left out of this process as it is more time consuming. If you’re aim is to do it in a rush, have the chapter already prepared.
Note: These rules are directly from the rulebook(s) in question. Living Errata corrections are attempted to be made, but are not complete as of yet. Errata is displayed in red
Rolling a character:
1. Roll stats:
-Roll a 2d10 nine times in a row straight. These are your characteristics in order.
→Weapon skill, Ballistic Skill, Strength, Toughness, Agility, Intelligence, Perception, Willpower, Fellowship
-One reroll is allowed for a characteristic of choice, but that has to be accepted, even if worse.
-Add thirty to each score.
2. Choose chapter:
Core chapters to choose from are:
Black Templars p.38
Blood Angels p.41
Dark Angels p.44
Space Wolves p.47
Storm Wardens p.50
Ultra Marines p.53
Imperial Fists p.44 in Rights of Battle.
A successor chapter may be chosen from the following from Rites of Battle: Use their founding chapter’s rules for the rest of this page and then add on the additional rules and demeanor as necessary.
Ultramarine successors:
Nova Marines p. 55
White Consuls p. 56
Black Consuls p. 57
Mortifactors p. 57
Genesis Chapter p. 58
Dark Angel successors:
Consecrators p. 59
Angels of Redemption p. 60
Angels of Absolution p. 61
Blood Angel successors:
Flesh Tearers p.62
Lamenters p.63
Blood Drinkers p.64
Knights of Blood p.65
Imperial Fists successors:
Crimson Fists p.66
Hammers of Dorn p.67
Subjugators p.68
After primary chapter has been selected:
-Write down gained characteristics and any traits or skills gained.
-Write down solo modes and squad modes gained
-Write down equipment gained
-Write down any additional rules
3. Choose specialty:
-Choose a specialty from the following:
Apothecary: p.69
Assault Marine: p.73
Devastator: p.77
Librarian: p.81
Tactical Marine: p.85
Techmarine: p.89
-Write down gained skills
-Choose Ability if needed
4. Roll Wounds and Fate, movement:
-Roll 1d5 and add 18. This is wounds
-Roll 1d10. 1-7 is 3 fate points, 8-9 is 4 fate points, 10 is 5 fate points
-Movement is to take Agility bonus, but add on +1 for armor already. Speeds go at x1, x2, x3, x6
5. Starting equipment:
Standard gear: Power Armor, Bolt pistol, Astartes Combat Knife, 3 Frag Grenades, 3 Krak Grenades, Repair cement, one chapter trapping
By Class:
Apothecary: Bolter with fire selector, reductor and Narthecium
Assault: Chainsword and Jump pack
Devistator: Heavy bolter and backpack ammo supply
Librarian: Bolter with fire selector, force weapon
Tactical: Bolter with fire selector, one clip special ammo (25 req) per mission
Tech: Bolter with fire selector, Servo Arm, Common craftsmanship cybernetic*
*When a Teachmarine moves to respected, he may install/upgrade an exceptional cybernetic at no cost. At Famed, he may install/upgrade to a master crafted
Power Armor:
Power Armor note: Rules pertaining to Normal power armor, the Mark VII “Aquila” armor is presented on p. 161, and is the basis for all other armors. Though not all information appears on the character sheet, we do suggest you read over these rules at least once to know what they offer.

Mark VII armor:
-Roll Armor history: Roll 1d10 for armor history on page 162. Get +1 or -1 on your roll to select your history
-Ten AP for body, 8 for all other locations
-Amongst other things, adds +20 to strength (added after x2 Strength for SB)
-If helmet is worn, adds Dark Sight and Heighten Senses (sight, sound) via auto senses. For Space Wolves, this normally disables Wolf Senses.
Alternate Armors: p.149
Rites of Battle allows a space marine to have alternate armors, varying from Mark IV armor to Mark VIII armor. It also allows rolling on three additional armor history tables. Each of these is presented as a modification to the Aquila armor presented in the Core rulebook, with varying stats for each, shown on pages 150-151 Rules are as follows:

Roll a d10. This determines your armor
1 Mark IV armor
2 Mark V armor
3-5 Mark VI armor
6-9 Mark VII armor
10 Mark VII armor
-If Rolled Mark VII armor, go to above and roll as normal. For all others, go to the page indicated, and write down the corresponding skills and or stats associated. Then go to the tables on p.151, and compare the stats of your armor to Aquila armor. Write down the differences on your sheet.
Alternate Armor histories: p.153
Rites also presents alternate armor histories, even available to normal mark VII users.
-Roll a d5. This determines your table
1 Original Deathwatch armor history on p.162
2 Battle Scars Table on p. of Rites of Battle
3 Legends of War on p. of Rites of Battle
4 Skill of the Artificer on p. of Rites of Battle
5 Choose any table.
-Roll a d10 on the corresponding table. A +1 to -1 modifier is once again allowed to pick your history
*For those with multiple armor histories, each history must get a new roll to choose which table you can use. Each history table can be used only once, so duplicate table rolls should be rerolled
Selection based:
Chapter Trappings p.169
Cybernetics p.176
Special Ammo p.159
*Pistol costs are half requisition. Heavy Ammo is +5 (Errata to +15)
Master crafting weapons, p.140, p.147
Standard Range weapons: p.145
(Order goes: Class, Range, Shots, Damage, Pen, Clp, Rld, Special, Wt Req)
Bolt pistol: Pistol, 10m, s/3/
, 2d10+5X, 5, 14, Full, Tearing, 5.5. 5
Bolter: Basic, 100m, S/2/4, 2d10+5X, 5, 28, Full, Tearing, 18, 5
Heavy Bolter: Heavy*, 150m, //10, 2d10+10X, 6, 60, Full, Tearing, 68, 20
*Heavy weapons issued automatically get the heavy weapons backpack unless otherwise requested. It fits over standard backpack and weighs 40kg. Weapons using backpack get new clip size based on type. p.159
Type New Clip size
Plasma, Melta, Las 100
Bolt 250
Flame 75

Melee weapons: p.154
(Order goes: Damage, Pen, Properties, Weight, Req)
Combat knife: 1d10+2R, 2, —, 2, 3
Chain Sword: 1d10+3R, 4, Balanced, Tearing, 10, 5
Force Staff*: 1d10+1I, 2, Balanced, Special, 5, 25
Force Sword*:1d10+2R,2,Balanced, Special, 5, 25
Claymore:, 2d10+2R, 2, Unbalanced, 10, 3 (2 hands)
Force weapons add Psy Rating to damage and penetration
Grenades: Simply requires ballistic skill check to throw. p.150
(order goes: Range, Damage, Pen, Properties, Weight, Req)
Frag Grenades:, SBx3, 2d10X, 0, Blast(5), 0.8, 1
Krak Grenades: SBx3, 3d10+4X, 6, —, 0.8, 1
Repair Cement p.173
Chapter Trappings p.169
Reductor p.175
Narthecium p.173
Jet Pack p.171
Weapon Properties Listing: p.142
-Tearing: Roll one more die for damage, drop lowest
-Balanced: +10 bonus to weapon skill tests to parry
-Unbalanced: -10 penalty to parry
-Blast: Use number next to blast to determine radius in meters of hit. Hurts Hordes bad
6. History, Demeanor and Tactics:
-Roll past p.29
-Roll Demeanor p.32
*Allow +1 -1 on rolls for choice
-A tactics (p.105) must be chosen as a skill from the following: Air Combat, Armored Tactics, Assault Doctrine, Defensive Doctrine, Orbital Drop Procedures, Recon and Stealth, Void combat
Name rolling can be done on p.34
7. Putting it together on the Character sheet:
Traits: Unnatural Strength, Unnatural Toughness
-The bonuses for these two are double the base amount. For strength bonus, times the natural strength bonus (The tens digit of the unmodified stat) times two, then add the suit’s bonus after (so the average marine with 40 strength has a normal bonus of 4, which times 2 is 8. Adding the suit, his strength would be 60, and his SB would be 10)
-Unnatural Toughness is done in a similar way
List other characteristics and fill in other spaces
Under Talents, put in Deathwatch training
Deathwatch training: Allows righteous fury without confirmation against Xenos
Under skills, dodge and intimidate should be checked off. They are not on the standard character sheet.
8. Spending 1000 experience:
Space marine starting features: p.36. All skills and Talents from this are placed on the Character sheet already, other than those listed above.
Note: Though the advances may list many duplicates for first level, this does not give you an additional notch of training. This is a misprint or to be used later. You may only move up to the next level in a rank when it lists +10 after its name. (EG A Tech marine gets Tech use as a trained skill, yet it is listed in his first level advances. This does not give you +10)**

General space marine Advances: p.60
Chapter Advances: p.66
Specialty based Advance pages can be found in part 3 of this document.
Deathwatch advances are on p.64, but may not be used in character creation, only after.
Starting skills by class: (considered trained)
Apothecary: Medicade
Assault: Pilot(Personal)
Devastator: None
Librarian: Psyscience
Tactical: Command
Techmarine: Speak Language(Techna-Lingua), Tech-Use
If your GM allows it, you can use Deeds from Rites of Battle on p.174. Deeds do not add to your EXP used, so if allowed, this would be an ideal time to purchase one.
Talents: All Talents needed are listed on the character sheet already, besides deathwatch training. It is advised however to go to the Talents section in the core rulebook to review what a space marine can do. Space marines are advanced characters that have many abilities (Some of which may save your character’s life)
9. Reference of starting abilities
→Starting skills and traits p.36
Starting Skills: Awareness, Ciphers (Chapter Runes), Climb, Common Lore (Adeptus Astartes, Imperium, War), Concealment, Drive (Ground Vehicles), Literacy, Navigation (Surface), Scholastic Lore (Codex Astartes), Silent Move, Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic), Tactics( Choose), Tracking
Not on character sheet but listed but listed: Dodge, Intimidate
Starting Talents: Ambidextrous, Astartes Weapon Training, Bulging Biceps, Heightened Sense (Hearing, Sight), Killing Strike, Nerves of Steel, Quick Draw, Resistance (Psychic Powers), True Grit, Unarmed Master
Deathwatch hypno training starts with
Common Lore (Deathwatch), Forbidden Lore (Xenos)
Deathwatch training talent<-Needs to be written in
Starting Traits: Unnatural Strength(x2), Unnatural Toughness(x2)
Suit, if helmet is worn, provides Dark Sight Trait and Heightened Senses (sight, hearing)

Character Creation Walk through

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