Deathwatch: Alpha & Omega

Seeing Thru the Clouds

Briefing: The Departmento Munitorum is on the planet Xyan to begin training the first regiments to help against Hive Fleet Dagon. A number of individuals have come up missing, including a very high ranking official, Colonel Lucien Lightner, regimental commander.
There are a number of worrisome legends of aggressive xenos that lurk in the hottest and murkiest parts of the swamps on the planet. Places that make tracking nearly impossible and establishing outposts difficult for Imperium forces. Some believe that the menace is much less foreign then xenos. Since the inhabitants of the planet are the decedents of criminals, cowards, and heretics many believe the forces of Chaos have taken hold here and are working against the Imperium. The amoral filth that live on Xyan now represent a perfect breeding for heresy.

Whatever is causing the problem, it is slowing down the process of creating the needed regiments to put a stop to the Ty

Requisition available: 65 per space marine.

Primary objective:

Determine the source of the disappearances and put a stop to it.

Secondary objective:

  • Ensure the recruitment and training operation are on schedule.
  • Determine the whereabouts of Colonel Lucien Lightner

Tertiary objectives:

Find locations on the planet’s surface for Imperial Army outposts and operations centers.

Mission Squad Leader
Brother Democles

Oath to the Emperor

Player Hand Outs

Mission Debrief:


Commander Notes:After arriving on world we have found a few potential leads, but few actual clues as to what is causing the dissapearances. A few seperate notes are that the Imperial officers on planet seem to underestimate the recruits they are drawing up. Simple savages who have survived for these many thousands of years have learned valuable skills that could be exploited in the current situation, and durring the Crusade as a whole. They may have initial difficulty understanding a few things and may be uneducated but that is to be expected. Additionally it appears that because there are a few idiots in the bunch, the whole lot of them have been branded idiots. We have already found that this is not entirely true, though I doubt the assigned officers will be willing to believe that.

Time will tell how this mission goes. Dispite the terrible omen I felt earlier in the mission, I am optemistic that this mission will go well.

Seeing Thru the Clouds
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