Deathwatch: Alpha & Omega

How to stop them...

Official mission perimeters.

Requisition available: None

Primary objective:

Return to the location of the last mission (individual combat with the Xenos) and take down a few of the Warrior Primes so that Brother Apothecary Gerung can collect a gland from them to hopefully create a poison to use against them.

Secondary objective:

Distrupt the Tyranids ability to wage war in this planet.

Tertiary objectives:



Mission Report. After traveling to the location of the Xenos Warrior Primes Brother Apothecary Gerung studied the remains of the previous Xenos Warrior Primes and recovered 3 glands. We attempted to fortify the hill that was around the tunnels that the Xenos emerged from previously. Half way through the fortification process we found there were tunnels going though the hill below us by a unfortunate cave in. After the cave in we took up sides north and south in case of hostiles. A Xenos gaunt scouted us and screamed for its companions. Brother Apothecary Gerung started to get a line lowered to our squad to make a tactical withdrawal from this situation. Before that could happen we were attacked from north and south side by 10 Xenos Warrior Primes on the south and and unknown number from the north (over 30). We collapsed the south tunnel but were unable to give backup to the north side and Brother Banderis “Ban” Devastator had fallen in combat. While unable to retrieve his gene-seed we were able to prevent his assimilation into the Xenos by explosion. After this even our escape line had been lowered and Brother Sturrach Galmech made his withdrawal. Brother Radlen used his jump pack to scale the wall. After collapsing the north tunnel Brother Alexander made it to the withdrawal line and was able to escape but his injuries and the digging out of the north tunnel in addition to the 5 Xenos Warrior Primes made us unable to withdrawal with certainty. Brother Alexander made a heroic sacrifice to his squad and the emperor by taking the remaining Xenos on alone while giving his gene-seed (unsuccessfully) to Brother Apothecary Gerung. Brother Apothecary Gerung was able to make a toxin that had extreme success against the remaining Xenos threat to the planet Hethgard.

How to stop them...

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How to stop them...

The hulking black figure strode slowly down the ramp, his pauldrons painted a vibrant teal. One bore a crimson helix; the mark of a Blood Priest. The other bore a cross with a centered skull formed from solid gold; the Crux Terminatus. The man if he could still be called that was ancient, nearly five hundred standard years. He demeanor normally was gruff and stoic, but his duty today was a solemn and hard one even for him. One of his brothers had died in the line of duty, and died well. He had arrived from the Void Dragon Lair on Ashardalon to retrieve what few remains were left of his brother to be buried with honor in the Chapter Crypt.

Blood Priest Auxorian strode deep into the Deathwatch fortress; remembering it’s halls from centuries past. Had it really been over a quarter millennia since his vigil? Time had passed in the blink of an eye between hundreds if not thousands of battles. There were older brothers of his chapter than himself, but few from other chapters were as old. Void Dragons were surprisingly long lived even compared to other Astartes. His thoughts however returned to his duty when he reached his destination.

In front of him was a large, candle lit circular room. In the center was a white marble dais with a small black case in the center… All that remained of Brother Alexander, Tactical Marine of the Void Dragons. He had sacrificed himself to fight the vile Tyranid threat and delay a group of creatures called Warriors while his squad escaped with the necessary components for a toxin. A toxin used to wipe the Tyranid threat from a key world within the Jerricho Reach. He had even bore the unimaginable pain of having his geneseed extracted while he still lived so that he would not deny the Void Dragons something so precious. A geneseed that was unceremoniously butchered by an incompetent Apothecary and rendered unusable. Bile rose in Auxorian’s throat as his rage grew, but he quickly dismissed it. “I cannot expect the Apothecaries of other Chapters to have the same proficiency as I expect from our Blood Priests,” he whispered to himself.

Flanking the dais were two officers of the Deathwatch. One wore the ceremonial skull helm of a Chaplain. The other wore the Clavis of a Deathwatch Keeper. None of the three spoke as the Blood Priest strode toward the dais. It was the Chaplain who broke the silence as expected of such a solemn ceremony. “I commit these remains, a worthy member of the Deathwatch, to he who will carry them back to the Chapter of his origin with the honor that is rightfully deserved”. The Chaplain then carefully lifted the box from the dais far more gently that one would expect possible for such an imposing and powerful figure.

Auxorian reached out and took the offered box, nodded to the Deathwatch Chaplain, and spoke in a deep and gravelly voice. “I, a fellow Void Dragon, accept my Brother’s remains in trust that my Brother has executed his duty with honor befitting a servant of the Emperor and descendant of our glorious Primarch.” The Chaplain nodded almost imperceptibly and both the Chaplain and the Keeper took a step back. The Blood Priest did the same, turned and began his slow march back to the landing bay. As he passed several other members of the Deathwatch they all stopped and lowered their eyes respectfully, fully knowing what duty this ancient Astartes was performing.

The Void Dragon wordlessly walked back up the ramp of the black and teal Thunderhawk, it’s engines growling to life like its Chapter’s draconic namesake as the ramp closed behind the hulking black figure, the dim light reflecting off his vibrant teal pauldrons. The battle scarred and proud aircraft lifted from the pad and set course back to the vessel that would take the Angels of Dead, both living and dead, home.

How to stop them...
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