Sturrach Galmech

Techmarine from the Iron Hands chapter



  • WS 39
  • BS 47
  • S 60 (40 without armour) | SB 10 (8 without armour)
  • T 49 | TB 8
  • Ag 39 | AB 3
  • Int 48 | IB 4
  • Per 37 | PB 3
  • WP 43 | WPB 4
  • Fel 48 | FB 4

Wounds 21 Fate Points 3

Deathwatch Space Marine standard plus as follows
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) – Trained
Speak Language (Techna – Lingua) – Trained
Tech Use – Trained

Space Marine Abilities
All standard listed, plus the following cybernetics;

Left Hand replaced with Exceptional craftsmanship bionic hand due to initiation into Iron Hands chapter.
Counts as possessing Mechanicus Implant for pupose of satisfying the prerequisites of a Talent, (but not for wargear or any other purpose.) Provides +10 bonus to fine manipulation tests as a bionic arm, but do not receive the Str bonus for said arm. Is considered an Iron Hand chapter trapping.

Astartes servo-arm as part of my power armour, standard Techmarine issued equipment.
A servo-arm can extend up to 1.5 metres. A Techmarine uses the arm’s Strength value of 75 with Unnatural Strength (X2) rather than his own (this value cannot be increased or decreased through devices or abilities that affect the Techmarine’s strength). The limb’s gripping mandibles allow the Techmarine to lift heavy objects or anchor himself to a suitable point as a Free Action.
Astartes servo-arms are more than just repair tools, and make deadly weapons. The Techmarine may strike with the arm as his Reaction for the round, or as a Standard Attack during his turn (so long as the servo-arm only makes one attack per round). This attack uses the Techmarine’s Weapon Skill, and deals 2d10+14 Impact Damage with Pen 10. Exceptional craftsmanship servoarms increase their Strength value to 85 (increasing damage to 2d10+16)
and add a +10 to Grapple Tests.

Common craftsmanship MIU implant chosen as part of Techmarine standard issue equipment.
[These devices, also known as sense-links, allow the owner to directly interface with a machine or technological device. MIUs see widespread use among Techmarines. A basic MIU implant involves a single spinal or cortex connector, while advanced variants include wrist connector probes—and
possibly mechadendrite connectors—in addition to the spinal plug.
Common models give no modifiers to machine spirit communication and add a +10 bonus to the Tech-Use, Pilot, or Drive Tests used in conjunction with devices capable of MIU link. Exceptional models grant a +10 bonus to communicate with machine spirits, and for Tech-Use, Pilot, Drive, Logic, Inquiry, and Ballistic Skill Tests when interfaced with MIU systems.]

Mechanicus Implants as a being blessed by the Omnissiah.
The character is a servant of the Machine-God, an initiate into the mysteries of the Priesthood of Mars and as such is vessel for the following implants:
The Electro-graft is a small port that is grafted into the nervous system. Once a recipient has been properly trained, this allows him to interface with machine data ports and certain types of data nets. Electro-grafts can take many forms, such as skull shunts, finger probes, or spine jacks.
Electoo Inductors
Electoo Inductors are palm-sized metal skin grafts that appear much like tattoos to the uninitiated. The electoos are wired into the nervous system, where they derive power from the bio-electrical emanations of the flesh and the sacred mysteries of the Potenia Coil. They can be used to emit or siphon power in many ways.
Respirator Unit
A Respirator Unit implant involves tubes, wires, vox-grills, or other augmetic parts replacing the neck and upper chest. The unit purifies the air supply, granting a +20 bonus to resist airborne toxins and gas weapons. The respirator unit also contains a vox-synthesiser capable of transmitting the voice in a variety of ways.
The Cyber-mantle is a framework of metal, wires, and impulse transmitters bolted onto the spine and lower ribcage. As the initiate gains further implants, this mantle acts as a sub-dermal anchorage point. Amongst some servants of the Omnissiah, this cyber-mantle is often referred to as “the true flesh.”
Potentia Coil
Cradled within the cyber-mantle is a power unit known as the Potentia Coil. This mass can store energy and produce various types of fields. Coils come in many types, from small crystal stack affairs to bulky electrical galvinators.
Cranial Circuitry
Cranial circuitry is a series of linked processors, implants, and cortical circuits that enhances mental capacities. Most sit within housing bolted onto the skull, whilst others nestle within the brain itself.

Flesh is Weak I taken as a Rank 1 Deathwatch Techmarine Talent
The character’s body has undergone significant bionic replacement to the point where he is far more machine than man. This Talent grants the character the Machine Trait (see page 133) with Armour Points equal to the number of times this Talent has been taken. The character may purchase this Talent multiple times in accordance with his Career Path. In this case, note the number of times this Talent has been taken, such as The Flesh is Weak 3.
Machine Trait
A creature with the Machine trait is fashioned from inorganic materials and is generally more rigourous then fleshy folks. Machines do not breathe, are immune to the effects of a vacuum, extremes of cold, any mind-influencing psychic effect, and their Armour Points apply toward fire damage. Machines are also resilient to injury, having 1 to 5 Armour Points for each location. This number is indicated next to the trait.

Talents, Traits, and Special Abilities
Ambidextrous – Suffer no penalties for using either hand
Bulging Biceps – Fire in auto fire mode without bracing at no penalty.
Astartes Weapons Training – Trained with all weapons except Exotic
Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight) – +10 bonus to any tests specifically involving these senses.
Killing Strike – When using the All-Out Attack action, may spend a Fate Point before rolling to make melee attacks for that round impossible to dodge, or parry.
Nerves of Steel – May re-roll failed Willpower Tests to avoid or recover from Pinning
Quick Draw – Can Ready as a Free action any pistol or basic ranged weapon, or a one handed melee weapon
Resistance (Psychic Powers) – +10 to resist Psychic Powers
True Grit – 1/2 the result from Critical Damage (round up)
Unarmored Master – Unarmed Attacks deal 1d10 +S Impact Damage and are no longer Primitive
Deathwatch Training – Automatically confirm Rightous Fury against alien enemies.
Electro-Graft Use – +10 bonus to Common Lore, Inquiry, or Tech-Use while connected to a Data Port
Mechadendrite Use (Servo-Arm) – Allows the use and operation of Servo-Arms
The Flesh is Weak 1 – +1 AP to all hit locations (see above)
Improved Cover – Can add Armour Points to cover equal to unmodified Intelligence Bonus, requires 1 Full Action
Unnatural Strength x2 – Double unmodified Strength score bonus
Unnatural Toughness x2 – Double unmodified Toughness score bonus
Mechanicus Implants – see above

Power Armour
Mk 7 “Aquila” type – Uses rules from Deathwatch core rulebook
History “Terror be thy Friend” – When engaged in melee, gain Fear I trait
The target melee adversary must make a WP test (0 modifier), failure results are on page 277 of Deathwatch core rulebook.

Weapons and other Gear

Sturrach Galmech

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