Deathwatch: Alpha & Omega

To Protect the Iron Collar

Official mission perimeters.

Requisition available: 25 total for the team.

Primary objective:

Make your way to the primary command center for Spaceport Victory on Hethgard. Report to Colonel Titus Rone, field commander for the Scintillan 84th Grenadiers.

Secondary objective:

  1. Try to determine the true nature the the Tyranid mission on Hethgard.
  2. Look for a way to eliminate the Tyranid threat to the planet.

Tertiary objectives:



Player Notes:
-Mission Commander: Brother Alexander (Tactical Marine)
-Items picked up with Requisition: Asupex, Magnoculars, Kraken Rounds (for our Devistator), additional Bolt Pistol for our Sister of Battle.
-Primary Objective cannot be completed as it was issued, Colonel Titus Rone is dead. Reported to Storm Warden Captain.
-Autopsy conducted on Tyranid Warrior, unsual mutation discovered and recorded.
-Commendation Recomendation: Mission Commander recomends Brother Banderis for the Marksman’s Honour due to his exemplary marksmanship throughout the current mission resulting in an a noteable kill rate even for one of the Adeptus Astartes.

Threat Notes:
-Tyranids are not following normaly observed invasion patterns.
-Tyranids have targeted higher ranking personnel.
-A strain of Tyranid Warrior has develped an ability to disrupt technology.
-Creatures observed so far: Gaunts, Ravenors, Tyranid Warrior.
-Tyranids have weak air support.
-Gaunt acted as a scout instead as part of a hoard, unusual tactic for Tyranids.
-Tyranids are attacking is scheduled regular patterns, also unusual.

To Protect the Iron Collar
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