Deathwatch: Alpha & Omega

Got the gut for it?

Official mission perimeters.

Requisition available: None

Primary objective:

Hunt down and kill a Tyranid Warrior in single combat.

Secondary objective:


Tertiary objectives:



Player Notes:
-Mission Commander: Brother Alexander (Tactical Marine)
-Items aquired:
*1x Astartes Flamer (with 3 fuel canisters)
*1x Astartes Grenade Launcher
*4x Astartes Chainswords
*300rds Hellfire Rounds
*2,000rds Bolter Rounds
*20x Krak Grenades
*20x Frag Grenades
*9x Frag Launcher Rounds
*9x Krak Launcher Rounds
-Commendation Recomendation: No additional commendations recomended at this time.

Threat Notes:
-Tyranids moving inn formation to battlefield, extremely unusual.
-Creatures observed so far: Gaunts, Ravenors, Tyranid Warrior.
-Tyranids are attacking is scheduled regular patterns, unusual.

Commander Notes: Identification of why the Xenos are operating as such so far has been elusive, though we have only been on planet for a few days. I have been informed that a detachment from the Space Wolves Chapter is making an infiltration of a Xenos den for the purposes of conducting duels with some of the Xenos Warrior type creatures. They have also mentoned that while making previous infiltrations they had passed through hoards of Guants without being attacked, which is extremely unusual. Elimination of synaps creatures as per the Codex Astartes also is not a viable option as the Xenos have been using overlappig areas of control, which are vastly larger than most previously observed control areas. This makes the elimination of high value targets ineffective. Hopefully accompanyinng this infiltration team will give us clues as to why the unusual tactics.

On another note, I am starting to suspect that certain members of our Killteam are either neglectigently or willingly withholding information from the rest of the Killteam. I hope this is just an unfounded suspicion, but I will be keeping an eye out for other indications.

Got the gut for it?

Commander Notes: A potential theory as to why the Tyranid activity on this planet is so peculuar is that the Hive Mind is using this planet as a test lab and the Imperial personnel here are the test subjects. The Tyranids keep outside interferance away from this planet to prevent random factors from ruining the experiment, while keeping their invasion relatively lite so that they do not destroy their subjects before the experiment is complete. They could in fact be observing and learning from our behavior to see how we fight them, and thus learning how to most effectively combat the Imperium. While there isn’t significant evidence to back this theory up, the fact that their activities became predictable and relatively easy to counter shows they don’t want the Imperial population killed, but meerly contained. On top of this once we arrived and started usinng tactics they hadn’t seen before the Tyranid activity changed dramatically. Another indication is the continued duels the Space Wolves have fought aganst single Warrior Prime creatures. In a normal invasion they wouldn’t ever be able to get to a lair, let alone be able to take on such creatures one at a time, as that is not the known nature of such creatures. While the Space Wolves have been usinng such duels to ‘prove themselves’, it is entirely possible that the Tyranid Hive Mind has been using such duels to see how Adeptus Astartes fight, and thus potentially learn weaknesses to exploit.

If this is the case it could have grave implications for the Jerricho Reach as the Hive Mind learns how to explout any weaknesses in our attacks and defenses before major battles are fought. If this ‘experiment’ is allowed to continue it could compromise any future operation.

Got the gut for it?
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